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Department of Transportation FMCSA

Date Range:

September 28, 2020 through September 27, 2025

Project Brief:

Project Management, Application Development, Maintenance, and Enhancement

Full Contract Details:

USDOT FMCSA Office of Registration achieves its mission by administering a comprehensive, data-driven Vetting Program. The Vetting Program streamlines the interstate operating authority process for safe entities while preventing unsafe from entering the industry. FMCSA screens approximately 67,000 applications every year. To achieve this FMCSA uses Utility for Risk-Based Screening and Assessment (URSA) tool. 

SONA provides overall project management support to FMCSA by following the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology. Our approach is structured to analyze project needs, resources, and scheduling. These key components lead to the most effective and comprehensive approach and subsequently a successful outcome on the entire project.

SONA is responsible for development, maintenance, enhancement, test and train improvements to URSA. SONA provides FMCSA users with easily accessible, consistent, timely, accurate, and professional responses to their URSA inquiries. Our team is engaged with FMCSA stakeholders to upgrade the current functionality to allow different users with customized, role-based results, dependent upon their specific regulatory and policy business rules. Our software development approach includes consistent, repeatable sprints using agile methodologies to meet FMCSA and Vetting team goals. Our team strives for faster and more modular development cycles. Our overarching goal is standardization of application technologies and modernization of legacy systems to simplify integration of systems, reduce number and development time of defects, and improve safety and security for users and systems. SONA services include:

  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Requirements Analysis and Documentation
  • Prototyping, Proof of Concept and Mockups
  • Development Integration Testing
  • User Training