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DOT Software Engineering Support Services (SWES) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Period of Performance:

March 2020 till March 2025

Project Brief:

Scope includes comprehensive Application Software Engineering Support for the Office of the Secretary (OST), Operating Administrations (OAs), and other offices within DOT excluding FAA.

Full Contract Details:

The scope of this department-wide BPA includes support for a suite of approximately 130 active applications and new application development needs across a wide range of technology stacks. To more rapidly deliver value to stakeholders, the DOT is transitioning from a Waterfall development lifecycle to an Agile or DevOps approach. The agile approaches may include Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) and DevOps. Many OAs within DOT are moving towards selected agile practices in the development or maintenance of their applications.

SWES also support the Department’s digital transformation program, DestinationsDIGITAL. DestinationsDIGITAL is shifting the Department’s technology deployment away from OA-specific point solutions that rely on custom software development to shared services and a narrower set of technology stacks. These shared services include commercially-available, Federal Information Technology Systems Security Requirement (FedRAMP) certified cloud services, a set of low-code development platforms, a suite of centrally-provided enterprise IT shared services, and a common suite of cyber security tools and services. Over time, the vision of DestinationsDIGITAL is to rationalize DOT’s IT portfolio, resulting in fewer technology solutions to meet mission needs, thereby maximizing the value delivered by IT spend and reducing our cyberattack plane.